3rd Annual Yotie Awards
Emblem designs and FX be me, district icon designs by students
Videos Directed by me, Editing and post production by student Mike Sessions (mostly) and myself
Elimination scenarios written by yours truly
Figures by me, flame BG by student Ashley Alberi
The SMSU Marketing Department in full out costume (my old team)!
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This marked the 3rd annual event the Santos Manuel Student Union, an evening of awards and celebration of its outstanding student employees!

This was by far the most ambitious I ever was with this event, as each year it became increasingly extravagant and elaborate.

Luckily, myself being a fan of the student picked theme, The Hunger Games, I was able to easily dive right in and create something unique but true to elements from both the books and movie.

I used Gold to represent the capitol, fire for many symbolic reasons from the story, all combined with black to set a mood of elegance and drama.

Other elements from the books and movie are sprinkled throughout each piece.

Event vids here.