Designer. Director. Illustrator. Gamer. Builder. Singer. Writer. Er.

I do a lot of things. Need a company brand? Gotcha. Wanna make a children's book? ME TOO. Building something for mobile? Let's go! I tend to jump around to different areas of work, as I love to challenge myself, and love to create diverse and unique experiences.

With extensive experience and success in digital, print, and interactive design, as well as several ventures in music, video, and animation, I continue to push forward artistically and strive to create my best work yet - for you and me both.

Games & UI / UX

Games, Apps, Web Sites, and more! This section covers anything from conceptual brainstorming to fully shipped real life products that in some way involve interactivity and overall user experience. Input scenarios, user behavior, and optimization testing change the game, and suddenly complex yet intuitive logic systems become vital building blocks making effective humanistic user flows.

Content & Web

I have been tinkering with websites ever since back in high school, when I would code HTML and CSS… in TextEdit! I have come a long way since then, learning how to design and code in a responsive web environment, optimizing digital content production along the way. In this section, I will showcase a more modern design area, specifically, web-based content design, with some web UI / UX sprinkled in.

Graphic Design

I remember when I started taking design classes in college over 12 years ago, I didn't even really know what design...was. It took me a while to understand that the strategic combinations of pictures, words, color, icons, and symbols, was actually the most powerful tool of influence on the planet! Designers where the wizards designated (pun alert) to wield that power... for the forces of good!


Doodling cartoons as a kid was the first way I connected with art and being creative (other than plunking away at my parents' piano). Soon enough, I was filling entire notebooks full of vast worlds and complex characters that would play out stories and adventures in my head and on that page. I just never really stopped doing this, but now I can take it much farther, and now I get paid for it! Win!

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